The OPA, through its Feed-in Tariff Program is authorized to engage in contracts for renewable distributed generation. You, as the homeowner, qualify as a 'Distributed Generator' and, under the terms of the contract, can be paid 29.4¢ per kWh of electricity your solar panels generate for a term of 20 years. This guarantees your investment will be paying you long into the future. The contracts are also transferable throughout its life. So when it comes time to sell your home you can rest assured that not only will the hardware maintains its value, but the payments will also continue for the next owner. This adds another element of value to your home that cannot be overlooked by potential buyers.

For small business that would like to take advantage of the savings associated with a solar powered roof, the CCRA provides accelerated write-offs for the associated costs of hardware and installation of solar powered products. It is recommended that you contact your company accountant or corporate advisor for the specifics of this incentive and how it applies to your business.

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