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Make Power, Make Money!

As part of the Green Energy and Green Economy Act of 2009, the Ontario Power Authority is looking for homeowners and small business owners to become generators of electricity. The government has authorized the Power Authority to pay adopters willing to install solar panels a premium for the electricity they generate and a reasonable rate of return on their investment. Through the Feed-In Tariff program, the Power Authority will pay you up to 29.4¢ for every kilowatt-hour of electricity you generate. You can earn up to a 15% annual return on investment. Join the ever-growing population who have made a great investment in solar power. Now is the time to take control of our energy future. Click GO! to learn more and start yourself on the path to an exciting world of solar power.

Limitless Energy From The Sun

As the world braces itself for ever-increasing energy costs, we have a chance to change things one small step at a time. Most of us are too young to have witnessed the inventions of the automobile, the telephone and the light bulb, but we can remember the inventions of the CD, the DVD and the birth of the cell phone. And now, as did generations before us, we have a chance to participate in the dawn of a new era, the emergence of renewable energy. Just like all other inventions that changed society, you have a chance to be a leader in this new era.

We at Solaricity believe that solar power is the most practical and abundant source of energy in the world. In the very near future electricity will power not only our homes, but our cars too. By having your own source of energy generation, you will minimize the impact of further rising energy costs. Give us a call and let us help bring Solaricity to your home.

Solaricity, the cleanest and most cost effective choice for our future.

"The Sun provides the Earth with as much energy
every hour as human civilization uses every year."

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